Our Mission

To improve the exchange of public and scientific information related to water quality and hyrdologic science.

Challenge Solution

The Challenge, as Defined by Erie Hack 2017

Develop practical solutions, such as devices, processes, hardware innovations or digital tools,
that enable:

Drive the Creation of Meaningful Data

The Problem

Our understanding of the value of our freshwater resources and the nature of the threats that
they face is only as good as the quantity and quality of our watershed data. There are many
effective nonprofits, governmental groups, and citizens who collect and share important Lake
Erie data, but almost all of them agree there can be major improvements in the leveraging of
these data for public benefit.

Established or New Nonprofit

Are you a member of a established 501(c)(3) nonprofit whose sole purpose is related to the field of hydrology? If your answer is yes and prize money is awarded to WAWDA, I want your organization to be the beneficiary of this prize.

Are you interested in the formation of a nonprofit and a nonprofit board to receive prize money, in the event this project is a prize winner of Erie Hack 2017?

There is no financial gain to you becoming a board member. You will only have the discretion of where and how the money is used.

Use Case Solution - Misuse of Data

Beavercreek Water Data(SS, mg/L) - Heidelberg College

This is an example of how easy it should be to access and view data. The data you are viewing was extracted from a download provided by Heidelberg University. The data was extracted in a .csv format and then Plotly was used to display a portion of the data.

Use Case Problem - Misuse of Data

Misuse of Data

Heidelberg University uses macros and a downloadable series of Excel Documents. The macro's are memory intensive and do not function on many systems. This results in most, if not all, of the data being unusable without spending the time to properly configure the Excel Macros, and/or configuring your system to match the Heidelberg University system used to create the documents


This web application is being created for Erie Hack 2017. Learn more: www.eriehack.io

Data Problems

Misuse of Data

Use of data standards under any specific domain insure that published data is interoperable with other information systems.

Time Consumption

Environmental scientists are given the task of searching and gathering multitudes of data from a multitude of data sources.

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